Injection Pressure Operated Valves WP 1.0 and WP 1.5

WP 1.0 INJECTION PRESSURE OPERATED VALVEInjection Pressure Operated Valve WP 1.0 and WP 1.5
Product No. 1001

Product No. 2004

The wireline retrievable Injection pressure operated gas
lift valves are primarily controlled by injection gas
pressure. The valves are installed in a side pocket
mandrel and used to control injection gas pressure and
its flow from either the annulus or tubing based on the
porting of the mandrel.

The valve is designed with a sealed chamber and 3 ply
bellows that contains a nitrogen charge, which provides
the closing force of the valve. When injection gas
pressure exceeds the closing force, the bellows
compresses, lifting the ball stem off of the seat and
allowing gas to be injected through the valve into the
producing area.

Injection Pressure Operated Valves

For continuous flow or intermittent gas lift, tubing of annular flow applications.

• Valves manufactured according to API 19G2
• Stainless steel or premium materials available.
• Three ply Nickel-copper alloy bellows.
• Mechanical stop prevents bellows over stroke.
• Bellows dampening fluid to prevent fatigue and stem-seat pounding.
• Tungsten carbide ball
• Replaceable floating seat (Tungsten Carbide available)
• Integral reverse flow check valve to prevent casing to tubing flow.
• Pressure rating up to 1,800 psi (124 bars) test rack opening pressure.
• Integral reverse flow check valve with resilient and metal to metal seals.
• Temperature rating of 250° F (121°C) (Standard Service)
• Standard Neoprene packing with other materials available.