Lycon Inc Oilfield Gas Lift Services

Lycon Inc. is a full service gas lift company. We sell, design, and install all types of gas lift equipment both onshore and offshore.

We are an independent gas lift company started in 1994.  The people in our company have a combined 60 years of experience in the Gas Lift and Plunger Lift equipment business.  We are dedicated to our customers needs and satisfaction.  Natural Gas Well design and troubleshooting is our expertise.

If your company needs assistance or optimization of your Gas Lift System or individual well contact us and we will evaluate your existing setup and make suggestions so you can optimize your well(s).

Natural Gas & Petroleum Oilfield Services

Gas Lift Equipment

Plunger Lift Equipment

Lycon Inc. TP 1.0 and TP 1.5 Injection Pressure Operated Gas Lift ValveInjection Pressure Operated Valve WP 1.0 and WP 1.5JM-D Dummy Valve Gas Lift
Gas Lift Latch By Ron Massicot